Sunday, August 24, 2014

trying to impress you

and not quite
on this the day of rest, and
now the night


and breathe in again

note the curvature of muscle
the shifting of bone
all the shapes I have taken on
that are not
my own

hold the structures' imbalances
in the eye of your palm
hold your self, your body
place hand over hand
on the small of your back
and remind yourself
with insatiable tenderness-

you are protected,
you are held.

twist, move,
bend, curl
unravel now, unroll~
exhale, inhale, exhale

second round now
more questioning
less light the
substance of the words that come
as i turn
to welcome

and what of this darkness, my own
and yours?
what of the places that we exile and abhor?
how do we move, towards?
the kind of self-approval and acceptance
that makes space for authenticity and vulnerability in relationship,
and makes a gift
of our presence,


welcoming others in,
welcoming others in,
welcoming ourselves in.

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