Monday, September 29, 2014

So it goes..

it's funny
the things that can get you down.

funny, and not really
the cracks they forge, sometimes
in the dam that's holding back the
the in-between place
of living, but not really
that floating somewhere
between responsibility
and flight
ever, dusk, not quite dawn
despite the sun's light

how much would it take, really? she asked me
to wreak havoc and create destruction?
and i think,

nothing at all, really
it would take
just grey-blah-drifting away
and it could start the spin, and the slow
the melting down of
all that I care about in my life,
of all that i am working so hard for.

maybe i
am just pessimistic
and maybe she is hopeful,
and maybe that should slap the shit out of me, really
because she has just endured
the greatest hardship
of her life

it's funny,
the things that get you down,
and even, if
on another's behalf,
the things that bring you light.

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