Monday, November 24, 2014


speak, now.
the time has come to open your mouth and throw
echoes of sound
like bells and gongs resounding
the way thunder rolls
how water falls
now, is the time.
so speak,
pour forth in waves from your tongue the beauty
you see in everyone
you know
there is no face that
does not resemble god's

and the wind now
roars to hear your spirit sing
so let loose your words
unleash everything
untie your animal left panting outside
release your bound maiden
your whore, your bitch, your hag
unfold in a whisper
heal in song
let metaphors soothe you, rock you softly to sleep
cradled in a pregnant pause

know surrender

unclasp your understandings, your
opinions highly held
refinish all your edges
rewrite the pattern
break the spell
breathe in
breathe out,

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