Friday, July 3, 2015


embrace your Life.
All of it.
For all that it is.  Let go, just
for a moment, now, all
that you think it is not.

embrace your Life.
embrace the good, the bad
that which you cling to
that which you push
away at all costs.
Just, embrace

Hold it
gently, in your arms
Like the little one
you once were,
like the Little One
to come,
Who is already here,

Embrace yourself,
your many selves,
the Ones who have been
or shut down
or unfed
for so long

I call Myself to myself~
I, we
will need All of me, now.

1 comment:

  1. Who is your Guru? My Guru? Yes, the remover of darkness, shedder of light, revealer of truth, guide to bliss.
    My Guru has your name, my name, and every other name that vibrates and is still. My
    Revealer of truth wears an infinite array of disguises and lives within and outside the spectrum of the paradox. My shedder of light reflects my own light back at me. My guide to bliss is ever present as I Am.
    You are my Guru.
    My Guru breathes through all of my relations, Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Friend, Lover, Beloved, and those who may opose my way.
    Opposition helps me by opening me to certain reflection or other possibilities and testing my will and faith. It can also create the wind resistance needed to take flight and or ground you.
    My Guru lives as my experiences and in nature. Yet my Guru remains One and is the same One in all of my experiences, relations and names.

    We are every number
    And yes, we are all one
    We awaken from our slumber
    With the radiance of the sun
    As we unify duality
    From our one and only source
    We embrace our sexuality
    As our creative, pure life force
    Every action done in ceremony
    With reverence and respect
    With every word can create harmony
    With each good thought that we project
    Our conciousness lives in spirit
    Our love lives as the same
    May our soul be pure to mirror it
    Back to the one from which we came