Thursday, January 21, 2016

before dawn

i watch the bart train navigate
through the city lights in
the last lingering darkness of night
a thin thread of light, silent at this distance
snaking, sliding, slicing through
the jumbled horizon
the air is cold on my face
but in that enlivening, not painful way
i feel the moisture in it's taste
and i am grateful for the gentle and consistent
rain of late
this is morning, today
my daughter woke with a squeaking shriek at 4 am,
hungry and complaining a little, though she still smiles
every time our eyes meet

what an angel

i surrender to the sharpness with which i am awake
and rise,
to start the day
why not?
this may be the only time i get to myself, today
quick and quiet
stolen moments, precious in their weight
this is me, today
new and unfolding
bold and broken open
trying to shake loose the hold of doubt's roots in my mind
to release and remold the texture and shape of matter, of muscle
and sinew and bone
alone, this morning
with myself
the lights, the night
the cold, fresh air
that presses up all around me,
my skin of its shape

1 comment:

  1. Delightful night gracious day
    Peace insight I Am the Way
    Staying calm my faith is great
    Giving alms I clean my slate
    I forgive I cut the cords
    I Am reborn to live one with the lord of lords
    I Am the Truth
    My time is Now
    I can grow back a tooth
    My Faith is How
    I Believe and Know
    Accept and Share
    Adapt and Grow
    Love and Care
    I make Love with constant Grace
    I fly through and beyond both Time and Space
    Expansive Perception
    Perpetual Bliss
    Immaculate Conception
    Sacred Kiss